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Adverse Weather Protocols

Adverse Weather Arrangements:

A few useful reminders about our arrangements, should we need to close or revise our start time due to adverse weather. Safety of the children and their families and the staff is of paramount importance and we recognise that any closure can cause child care issues. The following key factors will be taken onto consideration:


Availability of staff

• Will there be sufficient teaching and non-teaching staff able to get into school to ensure that pupils are properly supervised and safeguarded?

• Are those able to get to school likely to be able to arrive on time or will they be delayed by problems with accessing major roads from their homes?

• Due to our location, we do not have many members of staff that do not have to rely on transport to get here, with some members of staff travelling considerable distances.

• Conditions of paths and access routes in and around the school

• Is there any risk of slipping and injury?

• Will people be able to travel safely down the narrow lanes to the school site?


Deterioration of the weather during the day

• If the weather is predicted to deteriorate, will the school be able to ensure that all pupils and staff will be able to return home safely?

• Will the transport for pupils who travel on bus, by taxi or parents/carers who live further away from the school actually be able to return to collect the children at the end of the day?


Catering supplies

• Will deliveries of food supplies be able to get through to enable the cook to provide a meal?


Is it possible to open for a shortened day?

• By having a slightly later start will this enable more staff to get in safely and ensure the correct ratio of adults to pupils?
• By starting later in the morning will this reduce the risk to all who are trying to travel in the severe weather by delaying the school run?


How reliable has the weather forecast been?

• Has it been accurate or is there a high possibility that in fact the severe weather warnings may come to nothing?

• Alternatively, do the actual conditions in the area of the school indicate that the weather is more severe than had been indicated?


Unplanned power cuts

• This could result in school closure as this too has an impact due to adverse weather - the health and safety of the children namely heating, use of fire alarms and ability to provide lunches.


A decision not to open or delay our start time will be communicated to parents/carers via:

• school text or email (Arbor)

• a notice will be put up on the homepage of our school website.

• we will also endeavour to get a message on our Twitter page.


Please be assured that we will inform parents/carers as soon as possible so that there is ample time for parents/carers to make alternative childcare arrangements if necessary.


Parents/carers can see the full list of closures on the Essex County Council website.

Website link: School closures - GOV.UK (



• Visit Essex County Council’s home page at

• Search for Emergency School Closure

• Or click the Education and School’s area.

• Click Schools

• Click Dates

• Click Emergency Closures


The Emergency Closures page will update as and when notifications are received, therefore it is recommended to continue to check or refresh the page.

It should also be broadcasted on radio stations Hearts Essex and BBC Essex.


We are sure that parents/carers can understand that school closure is a decision that is not taken lightly and that we put the health and safety of all our school community members at the forefront.


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